Aarhus Lydforening

Aarhus Lydforening, (ALF), is a non-profit association that aims to create a shared working space, which will act as a hub for creative ideas and a sustainable environment with shared equipment for working on surround sound systems (3D), electronic compositions, sound art, installations, experimental music, and interactive art.

                                                                                                                Part of Lydbyen from 2026!

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Abandoned Future 2023 / Interactive audio-visual exhibition

Photo credits: Nino-Ana Samkharadze

Aarhus Lydforening (ALF) is a hub for creative ideas. We focus on creating a sustainable environment, both in relation to new technologies within composition, 3D-sound, sound-art, electronic composition, installations, experimental music and interactive art and a general focus on mental health and a healthy work-life in the music industry.  Other activities within ALF include knowledge sharing workshops, talks, concerts and monthly meetups where artists can meet and discuss life as an artist informally.

We aim to give independent artists a possibility to achieve their goals and create all kinds of sound-art. All aesthetic viewpoints are welcome, and ALF is built on the thought that sharing of and openness to different aesthetic views is giving for all members alike.   From 2026 ALF will operate in a shared physical space, where composers and sound-artists can meet, collaborate and work.  The shared space consists of studio facilities, a workshop, and a multichannel system that members can use in their own pieces, as well as all other equipment needed to produce electronic music and engage in cross genre sound art. 

ALF has a partnership with several institutions around Europe, and the aim of ALF is also to create togetherness and build a community of people within composition across borders.

Board Members

Nadia Donnerborg


Tobias Sejersdahl


Mie Jakobsen

Board member

Alexander Rye Nielsen

Board member

Thomas Thomsen

Vice Chairperson

Morten Elkjær

Board member

Mads Duevang Dahl

Board member

Sophia Sagaradze

Founder/Artistic director

Sophia Sagaradze

Founder, Artistic director

Sophia is a sound artist, composer, and performer from Georgia based in Denmark. She holds a master's degree in electronic composition (DIEM) from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and a bachelor's degree in classical composition from Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia. She has recently got a talent prize in composition from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Foundation. Currently, her artistic work focuses on multichannel electronics, interactive installations, and multidisciplinary performances.
Since August 2022 Sophia has been a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg.


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How it all started

Aarhus Lydforening


- What is there after graduation?

- How can I follow and use our constant development in technology?

- How can I find a space with the right necesities and equipment to work as an artist?

- How can I enter the scene?

- How can I make my work in a sustainable way?


- Create a community

- Share equipment

- Share working space

- Share Knowledge

- Collaborate with other artists/communities

ALF goals

- Provide a common working space/studio

-Organize meetups, seminars,artist talks, workshops, residencies

- Provide common equipment to borrow or rent

- Provide economic and technical support for individual members

- Provide connections with local and international partners.

- Create open calls